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  1. Administrative section

    1. News and Announcements

      Latest news and announcements from RTF

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    3. FAQ / Information Description

      This section contains complete information related to all RTF game worlds(readytofight.ru) here you can find all the innovations, changes related to servers, instructions for restoring your account; instructions for protecting your account; instructions for solving problems with the game client.

  2. Interlude PvP x1200 - 5 JUNE 20:00 MOSCOW TIME!

    1. ❗ About Server x1200 ❗   (855 visits to this link)

      Full description of the x1200 server, information about quests, raids, game farm zones, description of managers, description of the appearance of raid bosses and epic bosses.

    2. Server discussions

      Here, players and users of the x1200 game world will be able to discuss all the pressing issues and events that occur on the server.

    3. Recruitment

      Look for like-minded people to play together; create a clan, look for KP!

    4. Market

      Do you want to sell AM? or buy a DB, put up your epic set for exchange, or maybe a TT-a chiseled bijou. Spread the topic in this section of the trading platform.

    5. ⚙ Technical section [Support] ⚙

      In this section, you can report found bugs, report game vulnerabilities. Submit a report to the players.

      In this section, topics are visible only to their authors, your topic will not be seen by other users.

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